Ragga-metal punks DUB WAR are back with a new single and album.

'Blackkk Man' is the first single from Westgate Under Fire, the Newport band's first album of new material in 26 years.

Initially formed in 1993, Dub War released two highly acclaimed full-lengths and a remix album before splitting in 1999, frontman Benji Webbe going on to form Skindred. They made a tentative return in 2014 with a hometown show, followed by a last-minute Download appearance the following year. They returned to the studio in 2016 for the new single 'Fun Done'.

Westgate Under Fire, which sees them back with their old label Earache, takes it's title from a revolutionary uprising in South Wales in 1839, while 'Blackkk Man' is a reflection on recent racist killings, in particular the murder of George Floyd by police officer Derek Chauvin in May 2020.

"This song is exactly how I was feeling at the time of Mr Floyd's murder," declares Webbe. "This is a cry from my heart for equal rights and justice – and the other boys in the band feel the same as I do. No-one chooses the skin they're in - should the skin you're in help you to win? It’s a question we all need to think about! This racist injustice has been going on way too long and, unfortunately, even with all the cries and the pain, it still continues."


With Webbe joined by original members Richie Glover and Jeff Rose, the album features various special guests, including Faith No More's Mike Bordin, Stone Sour's Ray Mayorga and the final recorded contribution of the late Ranking Roger.

Westgate Under Fire is set for release on 5 August.

Pic by Ania Shrimpton

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