Goth-folk outfit DANA IMMANUEL & THE STOLEN BAND have a new video which they're premiering today exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

'WD40 & Duct Tape' is from the EP Mama's Codeine, which was initially released back in March 2020, but is being given another go-round as the world tentatively begins to re-open.

"Basically Alexander (Alexander JE Bradley, director) and I have been kind of platonic soulmates since we met at the European Poker Tournament in Deauville that Jake Cody won years ago, we started out making guerrilla music videos after hours in fancy hotels across Europe, and we seem to work oddly well together," explains Immanuel. "He was flying out to Sweden to spend Hallowe'en in a cabin in the woods with his ex-girlfriend and her mother (don't ask) when the second Paris lockdown was announced, and in a panic he asked if he could move in with me instead. Cue several months of hilarious fun in London with my new housemate. We were both very keen on breaking stuff, hence all the sugar glass. Also we got to go to Pinewood Studios to pick up the sugar glass, which was very exciting.

"We could only afford 6 sugar glass whiskey glasses, two vases and two of the blue bottles. Sugar glass is quite expensive, it turns out. We did briefly consider using real glass until we realised that we would definitely hurt ourselves - not a good look in a plague with the NHS under stress. I think there is actually a bottle of whiskey visible in every video we’ve ever made together…

"Side note - am seriously thinking of buying a hundred of those whiskey glasses and marketing them as stress balls. Anyway. Video shot in three days, entirely in my house. Just me and Alexander, with a bit of assistance from my other housemates pushing the dolly. And by dolly I mean a coffee table on wheels with Alexander perched on it. Fun fact - about 40 bottles of whiskey were downed in the making of the video. Alexander returned to Paris the day after we finished filming and deeply regretted it. Waiting for our various lockdowns to be lifted now so he can come back to London and we can make another one.

"'WD40 & Duct Tape' is about a broken heart. You don't need to know the details. Though we always dedicate it to the sound engineer and the stage manager when we play it live…"


Mama's Codeine is available on CD here.

Dana Immanuel & The Stolen Band

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