Cumbrian punks THE LIARS CLUB herald their new EP with a brand new live video.

The savage, coruscating '8 Tonne' is taken from the Barrow-in-Furness band's second EP, Of Self, due out on 18 June through Neoprima Music, and casts a scorching spotlight on the devastation caused by the UK's cocaine trade, 8 tonnes of the stuff being consumed in London alone each year.

“The song lyric ‘The Angels said to the people, welcome’ is a direct reference to how easy it is to get sucked into a world of drug abuse, and the endemic it has become in most towns and cities across the UK. The song has purposely been written to be close to the bone, with Noah’s aggressive vocals being a literal cry for help; a warning,” they comment.

The release is a belated return for the band: following a highly promising debut EP, Dormant, they were temporarily derailed when original bassist Jake took his own life. Having had a period of hiatus in order to process this tragic event, the band returned to play a series of shows to raise awareness of mental health issues in their comrade's honour.

"It would be easy to not talk about what happened but what would be the point in that?” says frontman Noah Johnson. “Jake was a massive part of the band so if people take one thing from The Liars Club, it’s that they need to talk to each other.”

The Liars Club have lined up the following Summer shows...

24.06.21 - Ulverston - The Sun, Basement
02.07.21 - Manchester - The Castle

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Pic by A Supreme Shot

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