Kent punks RISKEE & THE RIDICULE are back with a brand new single and video.

Signing to Bomber Music, the band exploded onto the scene in 2019 with their gamechanging album Body Bag Your Scene. Incendiary performances at Rebellion and Boomtown festivals underlined their forward position, but then Covid came along and up-ended what should arguably have been their breakthrough year.

Fortunately, the band cut a handful of new tracks just prior to lockdown and now one of them, 'Backwords 2' - which follows on from 'Backwords' on their 2017 album Blame Culture - sees the light of day.

"'Backwords 2' is a song about the influence of the media on the general public, how they can be so easily swayed by spun truths and false words,” explains front man Scott Picking. “The close-minded approach to the world we live in has to be torn up. It's less like a sequel to 'Backwords' and more like a progression. We're a different band who have got better at what we do, this felt like a way to showcase that with different dynamics and new wordplay. Right now, it's a frustrating and limiting time to be in a band: travel restrictions from the mess that is Brexit still loom, too many venues are suffering or closing down, and we miss playing live. ‘Backwords 2’ put those feelings into a direct song.”

'Backwords 2' is available to stream/download here.

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