BABY SHAKES finish the year on a high with another new video which they're premiering exclusively with Vive Le Rock!

'Really Really' is a cover of an Undertones song written by drummer Billy Doherty, which was first heard on the B-side of the Derry legends' second single 'Get Over You'. It follows on from 'Sweet'n'Sour Part 2', written by Undertones' guitarist Damian O'Neill, which was released this summer. The video was made under Covid conditions in repsonse to popular demand.

Both tracks were recorded at Small Town America Studios by Damian and Billy along with Billy's nephew Stephen Mailey, with Mary, Judy and Claudia from the Shakes flying in from NYC to add their vocals.

"Billy's tune 'Really, Really' has always been one of our favourite Undertones songs," say the Shakes. "It made sense as a cover since it was originally the B-side to 'Get Over You' the song we covered at the start of our band that initially linked us up and wound up bringing us all back together years later. It's almost like things came full circle. We had fun reimaging this song as a modern take on a 60's girl group tune, Billy being the Phil Spectoresque force behind it.”

"I really, really love the new Baby Shakes version of 'Really Really," says Billy. "Working with them, Damian and my nephew Stephen Mailey was such a tonic. It was so wonderful, enjoyable and refreshing to be intoxicated with everyone’s enthusiasm. Yes, for me it was truly magical and I can’t wait to do it again."

"It’s obvious that Baby Shakes live can shake any joint to its very core," adds Damian. "They have a pop sensibility and general enthusiasm that could win over the most hardened critics. But it wasn’t until working with them that we discovered a steely determination that they were gonna nail these songs no matter what. They really worked hard to get it right and their humour and enthusiasm made it one of the most fun sessions we’ve ever done."

'Really Really' and 'Sweet'n'Sour Part 2' are available through Dimple Discs on a limited edition 7-inch and as downloads here, if you're in the UK, or here if you're in the US.

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