WELT - Ashes to Ashes EP



(Cider City)
Corking punk rock from Sacramento’s finest.
Sacramento based WELT have been knocking out top notch punk rock ’n’ roll since 1994. Bristol’s Cider City have come up trumps with this long-awaited follow up to 2001’s critically acclaimed ‘Brand New Dream’. Produced, engineered, and mixed by the dream team of Bill Stevenson (of Descendants/ALL/Black Flag fame) and Jason Livermore (Wretch Like Me), this EP really delivers the goods in the form of mid-paced melodic punk rock somewhere between latter day Social Distortion, Reno Divorce and Face to Face; chock full of pop hooks and even a hint of country. It’s as shame they’ve only come up with a 4-track EP though, as a full-blown LP would go down a treat.
Lee Cotterell


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