THEE MERRY WIDOWS - The Devil's Outlaws



(People Like You)

All-girl Psychobilly crew with attitude


Judging by the promotional shots, it’s a fairly safe bet Thee Merry Widows are not the kind of ladies you mess with. Fronted by burlesque queen Eva Von Slut, this Californian quintet have established themselves as major players on the US psychobilly scene. They’ve played with the likes of The Meteors, Demented Are Go, Mad Sin and Necromantix and have even followed Johnny Cash’s footsteps by playing at San Quentin. For the most part they play straight up Psychobilly only straying slightly with Misfit’s style Horrorpunk on ‘I Want ‘Em Dead’ and the slow and sleazy ‘Snakebite Kinda Love’. At a time when the genre is starting to attract a number of bandwagon jumping chancers, these girls are here to show them how it’s done.

Lee Cotterell

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