THE UNDERTONES - Dig Yourself Deep

(Cooking Vinyl)
Cracking new album from Irish punk maestros.
When The Undertones returned to the fray without original singer Feargal Sharkey, a good number of eyebrows were raised - not due to anyone doubting the abilities of the other members, but because his shrill vibrato delivery was so distinctive. The unenviable task of filling the Sharkey shoes went to Paul McLoone, but he quickly convinced the doubters, perfectly fitting in with the right pitch and tone, but avoiding what could have been an embarrassing parody of his predecessor. The Undertones’ 2003 album ‘Get What You Need’ was well received, as have been many live shows, and ‘Dig Yourself Deep’ is even better. John O’Neill, always the band’s main songwriter, is at his best here, with many songs that hark back to the band’s early, goofy, love-sick material. Wisely, though, the likes of ‘Him Not Me’ and ‘Everything You Say Is Right’ are tales of more mature relationships and failed marriage, not teen angst. They still have the same affect though: fantastically joyous tunes with a bittersweet edge.
Shane Baldwin

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