THE DICKIES - Second Coming



(Captain Oi!)
Surprisingly sophisticated for the Dickies.
Despite being one of the earliest Californian punk outfits to make a real splash in the charts, The Dickies struggled a little when A&M dropped them after two albums, but bounced back with a third, ‘Stukas Over Disneyland’, in 1983. To say that the next five years were troublesome for Dickies singer Leonard would be a major understatement, but he persevered, with an ever changing line-up, and it paid off when the band landed the score for the 1988 movie Killer Klowns, released by Enigma as a mini LP. Rejuvenated, they followed it up with ‘Second Coming’, on the same label, and it was a more than worthwhile effort. Still humorous, but with a more serious musical approach, ‘Second Coming’ may have come as a surprise to anyone who only knew the band for their covers of ‘Banana Splits’ or ‘Nights In White Satin’, but I can’t imagine them being disappointed.
Shane Baldwin

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