RAPED - The Complete Raped Punk Collection



(Anagram/Cherry Red)
Keep away from the guys with the funny eyes!
Yeah, you read that right, Raped. This dropped through my letterbox and my hangover immediately felt worse. The complete recordings of a pack of schmucks who slithered thru the newly kicked-open doors in 1977 togged up like a pack of rent boys (I'm guessing they may have known the territory), and announced themselves to a disbelieving public with the 'Pretty Paedophiles' EP (yeah, you read that right too), all tracks present here. Still, bad taste such as this is one of the reasons punk rock exists; it's to piss off your parents (mine came round yesterday and I HID this CD!) and to provoke newspaper copy along the lines of: "a disgusted cinema manager stopped the Saturday morning show when notorious punk rock group Raped shocked children by using obscene language". A guilty pleasure indeed, but there's a perverse kick to be had from this kind of cesspool punk trash; it's shameless, it's grubby, it's very funny, and hell, these songs are pretty good if you can suspend your distaste long enough. If your mum catches you with this, you never heard about it from me.
Hugh Gadjit

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