P. PAUL FENECH - Skitzofenech



(People Like You)
If it’s good to be bad is it bad to be good?
The Meteors frontman has come up with another stomping solo album to follow up the exceptional ‘F-Word’. There’s plenty of darkness and humour here. Tales of advice from long gone soldier mentors on how to fight mingle with Tex-Mex flavoured twang and echo drenched tales of the wild west and Fenech battle cries of telling the world to go fuck itself. PPF’s mastery of the guitar but is propelled by a double bass and additional female voices that interact well with the infamous Fenech rasp. “Hey Kids, don’t try this at home, it’s only a fuckin’ song after all”, well that’s the warning from the man himself, but you get the impression he’s daring you to try. Excellent stuff from the King of Psychobilly.
Simon Nott

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