DIMI DERO INC - Sisyphus, Window Cleaning




Red-eyed boneshaking gallic rock’n’roll


This is a break from the norm for Basque country ozziephobes Bang records, who’ve gone out on a limb for a rare non-Australian signing, France’s Dimi Dero Inc. As it turns out though, Sysiphus, Window Cleaning doesn’t present too much of a departure for the label; DD Inc seem to be highly versed in down under rock ’n’ roll’s whiplash dynamics, which isn’t to say these guys are mere imitators; Little Birds and other such cuts of kinetic rockin’ nastiness indicate this outfit have enough of their own to bring to the party, although they’ve learned their lessons well from such anitipodean luminaries as the Scientists and the Birthday Party, whose lingering influence is acknowledged on the closing track, a searing blast through Rowland S Howard’s wonderful Sleep Alone.

Hugh Gulland


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