Punk guitarslinger JAMES STEVENSON is back with a brand new solo album.

A ubiquitous presence on the UK punk and post-punk scene for 45 years, beginning with CHELSEA, Stevenson has trod the boards with the likes of GEN X, THE CULT, HOT CLUB, KIM WILDE, THE INTERNATIONAL SWINGERS, GLEN MATLOCK, HOLY HOLY and THE ALARM. He's also been a member of GENE LOVES JEZEBEL since 1985.

The Other Side Of The World follows on from his 2017 solo debut Everything's Getting Closer To Being Over.

The album was recorded remotely, with Stevenson laying down guitar, bass and vocals in his own studio before sending it to Alarm drummer Smiley to add his parts. Guest musicians include Stevenson's schoolfriend and former Chelsea colleague Henry Badowski, Elizabeth Westwood from WESTWORLD, Terry Edwards from THE NJE and The Alarm's Mike Peters. The album was mixed by Peter Walsh (Simple Minds, The Church, Scott Walker).

The title track of the album reflects on the loss his brother to Pick's Disease. "Not many people have heard of the disease - it's a really nasty one," says Stevenson. "The first lockdown was hard for us all but losing my brother in the middle of it truly broke my heart The other side of the world is a reference to him living in Australia and also, because it's a neurological brain disorder, that he was on the other side of the world mentally."

The album also features 'Point It To Your Head', a track by departed RICH KIDS' guitarist Steve New. "I loved Steve," says Stevenson. "'Point It To Your Head' was a song he wrote that I always loved but it was never released - so I recorded a version of it as a tribute to Steve".

Set for release on Pink Gun Records on 9 July, The Other Side Of The World is available to pre-order here.

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