Iconic Essex glam rocker MARTIN NEWELL is to publish a second volume of autobiography.

Newell rose to fame as frontman of Colchester band PLOD, who in recent years have become synonymous with the 'junkshop glam' genre, their track 'Neo City' achieving classic floorfilling status through its presence on the compilation Velvet Tinmine.

Plod's rise and fall years, as well as Newell's eventful youth, were portrayed vividly in his first, essential, memoir This Little Ziggy.

New volume The Greatest Living Englishman focuses on the following two decades, during which he found success with his best-known band THE CLEANERS FROM VENUS, wrote songs with Captain Sensible, had a nearly-hit with New Wave anthem 'Young Jobless', recorded an album with XTC's Andy Partridge and forged an alternative career as one of the UK's most published poets.

The Greatest Living Englishman is due for publication on 25 November but is available to pre-order here.

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