PETER AND THE TEST TUBE BABIES frontman Peter Bywaters was barred from entering the US at the weekend for impersonating Donald Trump!

The band had been due to play the Punk Invasion Festival in Orange County but on landing in San Francisco last Friday, Bywaters was detained by Customs & Border Protection officials and interrogated for 6 hours. During that time he was confronted with photos and videos of himself dressed as Trump from the band's last German Tour, where Bywaters was particularly scathing about Trump and US politics in general. His passport and phone were confiscated, he was fingerprinted, DNA swabbed, photographed and forced to make a sworn statement before being put on a plane back to London. During the 11-hour flight home he was denied any alcohol, as United Airlines have a policy of refusing alcohol to deportees!

The rest of the band played the festival with the help of guest vocalists Joey from Narcoleptic Youth, Ron from Lower Class Brats, Gabe from Oi Scouts and Mike from Blank 77.

On 1 September Peter and The Test Tube Babies will release their new single 'Crap Californian Punk Band' featuring Lars Frederiksen. As previously announced, their new album That Shallot will be released on 15 September.

“A US Tour or festival will never ever happen again!” says Bywaters.

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