Swedish action rockers THE DRIPPERS have a brand new single out this Friday.

A scorching declaration of intent, 'Time For Some Action' is an incendiary teaser for the Gothenberg trio's second album which follows on from their straightforwardly-titled 2019 debut Action Rock.

"It was William [Dickborn, guitar] who told us in the car, going up to Sunlight Studio, that he had a new song that was gonna be on the album," explains bassist Viktor Skatt. "We'd worked hard and pre-produced the other tracks over several months so it seemed like he was a bit late to the party with this one. But we learned the song in the studio and worked on it for half an hour. Turned out it had a great groove to it, and with that commanding title it was a fitting song to choose as a first single. It's time for some action!!"

Stream/download 'Time For Some Action' here.

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