Warsaw-based label Heavy Medication salutes the majesty of Ohio punk legends NEW BOMB TURKS with a new tribute album out in the New Year.

Defiled! A Heavy Medication Tribute to New Bomb Turks features at least 15 Turks covers from some of the best new punk, garage and action-rock bands around, including SMALLTOWN TIGERS (pictured), RANDY SAVAGES, HELL NATION ARMY, POISON HEART, HOWLIN' THREADS and the sublimely named THE SATANIC OVERLORDS OF ROCK'N'ROLL.

Renowned for their high energy live shows, New Bomb Turks formed at Ohio State University in Columbus in 1990, going on to release ten albums and numerous singles through such leading punk and rock'n'roll labels such as Crypt, Epitaph, Gearhead and Sympathy For The Record Industry.

"We have been loving the Turks since their debut album Destroy Oh Boy! first piledrove our skulls in 1992," say the guys at Heavy Medication. "Almost 30 years later, we’re still finding traces of the Turks' flamethrower DNA in hundreds of other bands, so it’s in their honor we put together an international tribute of bands interpreting their songs, titled Defiled! A Heavy Medication Tribute to New Bomb Turks".

The vinyl contains 15 tracks...
Hell Nation Army – 'Point A To Point Blank'
Poison Heart – 'Snap Decision'
Aberration – 'Rat Feelings'
Doojiman & The Exploders – 'Automatic Teller'
Red Crap – 'If I Only Could'
Randy Savages – 'Leaving Town'
Howlin’ Threads – 'Professional Againster'
Ville Fantome – 'Born Toulouse-Lautrec'
Dog Toffee – 'Id Slips In'
The Satanic Overlords Of Rock ‘N’ Roll – 'Tattooed Apathetic Boys'
Smalltown Tigers – 'Girl Can Help It'
Puffball – 'Never Will'
Moron’s Morons – 'Wine & Depression'
Jack Saint – 'Grounded Ex-Patriot'
Tongue Action – 'Telephone Numbrrr'

The CD version tacks on three bonus tracks...
Flash House – 'I’m Weak'
Hell Nation Army – 'I Want My Baby… Dead ?!'
Jet Boys – 'Killer’s Kiss'

Set for release in late February, Defiled! is available to pre-order on vinyl and CD here.

Check out the teaser video...


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