In the new issue of Vive Le Rock we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of some of the great records that surfaced during 1978. And as usual, we had so much good stuff, there was no way we could squeeze it all in!

So here, as a taster, are 60 of the greatest sounds from the year when punk and power-pop got pally....

Elvis Costello – ‘Radio Radio’

The Jam – ‘Down In The Tube Station At Midnight’

Stranglers – ‘5 Minutes’

Chelsea – ‘Urban Kids’

The Motors  - ‘Airport’

The Clash – ‘(White Man) In Hammersmith Palais’

Blondie – ‘(I’m Always Touched By Your) Presence Dear’

The Undertones – ‘Teenage Kicks’

Only Ones – ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’

Ramones – ‘Don’t Come Close’

The Dickies – ‘Paranoid’

The Records – ‘Starry Eyes’

Buzzcocks – ‘Ever Fallen In Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have’)

XTC – ‘Statue Of Liberty’

Penetration – ‘Life’s A Gamble’

Adam and the Ants – ‘Young Parisians’

Generation X – ‘Ready Steady Go’

Tom Robinson Band – ‘Up Against The Wall’

The Depressions – ‘Messing With Your Heart’

The Fall – ‘Bingo Master’s Break Out’

The Saints – ‘Know Your Product’

The Flys – ‘Waikiki Beach Refugees’

Desperate Bicycles – ‘New Cross, New Cross’

Alternative TV – ‘Action Time Vision’

Automatics – ‘When The Tanks Roll Over Poland Again’

The Boys – ‘Brickfield Nights’

Devo – ‘Come Back Jonee’

Public Image Ltd – ‘Public Image’

Vibrators – ‘Automatic Lover’

Bethnal – ‘ Nothing New’

Thin Lizzy – ‘Rosalie/Cowgirl's Song (Medley)’

AC/DC – ‘Rock’n’Roll Damnation’

Siouxsie & The Banshees – ‘Hong Kong Garden’

Wire – ‘Dot Dash’

Magazine - 'Shot By Both Sides'

Mekons - 'Never Been In A Riot'

Suburban Reptiles - 'Megaton'

Swell Maps - 'Read About Seymour'

Throbbing Gristle - 'United'

Nick Lowe - 'I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass'

Metal Urbain - 'Paris Marquis'

Johnny Moped - 'Darling, Let's Have Another Baby'

Last Words - 'Animal World'

Stiff Little Fingers - 'Suspect Device'

Subway Sect - 'Nobody's Scared'

The Cramps - 'Surfin' Bird'

The Normal - 'TVOD'

Television Personalities - '14th Floor'

Rudi - 'Big Time'

Victim - 'Strange Thing By Night'

Germs - 'Lexicon Devil'

Plastic Bertrand - 'Ca Plane Pour Moi'

Nipple Erectors - 'King Of The Bop'

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks - 'Orphans'

Angelic Upstarts - 'The Murder Of Liddle Towers'

O Level - 'East Sheen'

Spizz Oil - '6000 Crazy'

Kleenex – ‘Ain’t You’

Read our mammoth 16-page feature on 1978 in the latest edition of Vive Le Rock available here!

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