Revered punk author Ian Glasper returns with a new book focusing on the current state of punk in the UK.

A contributor to Vive Le Rock's sister magazine Down For Life, Glasper is the author of such wholly essential works as Burning Britain, about the UK82 punk scene, Trapped In A Scene, which focuses on the 90s hardcore explosion, and the crucial The Day The Country Died, revisiting the UK's early 80s fertile anarcho movement.

In The Scene That Would Not Die: Twenty Years Of Post-Millennial Punk In The UK, Glasper brings us right up to date, documenting a scene which has continued to thrive in adversity, via in-depth interviews with no fewer than 111 bands from turn of the century onwards, including Active Slaughter (pictured), Wonk Unit, The Menstrual Cramps, 51st State, 16 Guns, After The Massacre, Armoured Flu Unit, Bad Breeding, Borrowed Time, Dirtbox Disco, Filaments, Meinhof, The Pukes, The Restarts, Warwound and loads more.

Published by Earth Island Books, The Scene That Would Not Die is available to buy here.

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