ZA is a group of three guys and nine instruments. While their music coordinates include heavy distortion, thick bass rhythms and a taste for the “bright” side of death metal, their compositions vary from ancestral melodies to free-jazz, noise, psychedelia, the songs of the shepherds of Tuva, Monty Python, drone-rock, macho post-rock or even analog electronics. And a high percentage of that amalgam has to be displayed thru’ each single song, on and off-stage.

ZA have constructed and deconstructed their songs through hundreds of concerts and several domestic tours until they have been able to release "Macumba o Muerte" (Acuarela, 2009), the album which follows their super-mega-underground debut "EKI EKI EKI Kazaaam"(Practice, 2006).

"Macumba o Muerte" features 9 songs recorded by Santi Garcia and mastered by Bob Weston (Shellac). Each track is unique and different, but all performed under the same tribal philosophy. A mixture of genres, sounds and speeds that co-exist in a perfectly smooth disorder: a traditional song from Siberia, sequenced improvisation, the recreation of an Arab market, guitar solos from Purgatory or the superposition of a hundred voices screaming at unison.

ZA have been part of some of the best independent music festivals in Spain (Primavera Sound, Sonar Festival, Tanned Tin…) have toured with Yellow Swans or Lightning Bolt and supported Excepter, Lydia Lunch, Peter Brötzmann, The Locust, Nora Keyes or Paal Nilssen Love.

31 mar 2010 - Sheffield @ The StockRoom
01 abr 2010 – Sunderland (Newcastle) @ Plugged Inn - Old White Room
02 abr 2010 - Nottingham @ Chameleon
03 abr 2010 – London (Camden) @ Tommy Flynns (Future London Underground)

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