The Saddest Music In The World Contest
Thursday May 28th 2009
Bethnal Green Working Mens Club
Pollard Row
London, E2 6NB
020 77392727
After seeing Guy Maddin’s film of the same name, Lalla Morte and Ane Angel were inspired to seek out, find and in some way reward the artist who was making the saddest music in the world.


The contest brings together musicians from the four corners of the world to compete in a battle for ultimate hopelessness from dejection versus depression to misery versus melancholy,
Who will win?
Good question, well, each artist gets to play one song, and the audience vote with their tears (tears soaked tissues, to be exact)
A bin is passed around at the end of each performance to collect the used snotrags- or the amount of tissue the audience would have cried if they weren’t such a double hard bastard.
The artist with the most is the winner!
He or she gets to play a whole set at the next SMWC. (other secret prices soon to be revealed)
Add to this, some of the most talented side-show performers, burlesque princesses and DJ’s who will bring you their best in hartbreaking acts and songs…
And to accompany the already tearjerking lineup of music and sideshows, there will be a crying-contest, in wich participants from the audience must sit facing another much like an armwrestelingmatch, but instead of locking fists, they will lock tear ducts in a battle of blues. Points will be awarded for style, content, attitude, longevity and volume.
Any competitors found to be using artificial aides such as pictures of dead loved ones or onions will be severely reprimanded!
After collecting the best of the best in the different cities we’ll be hitting, a big night will be organized to crown the king or queen of sadness!
Welcome to the night where sad becomes cool and artists from around the globe gather to pluck out beautiful music on out heartstrings.
Compere: Anil Desai
Delaney Davidsen  (from The Dead Brothers)                (New Zealand)
Vic Ruggiero         (from The Slackers)                           (US)
Paul-Ronney Angel (from The Urban Voodoo Machine) (Norway)
Nick Marsh (from Flesh for LuLu)                                  (England)
Chantal Morte                                                                 (France)
Lady Carol                                                                      (Ireland)
Igor Outkine (from Mazaika)                                          (Russia)
Ria Grun                                                                         (Germany)
David Piper                                                                    (Dandyland)
Mills n’ Ware                                                            (England)
Duncan De Morgan (from The Woodsmen)               (England)
Upsetting performances:
Missy Macabre
Suri Sumatra
Chris Martin

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