Chicago rockers POISON BOYS are back with a brand new single and video.

The aptly titled 'Steamroller' follows on from last year's acclaimed second album Don't You Turn On Me and finds the band newly configured as a power trio with founder singer/guitarist Matt Dudzik joined by bassist Johnny K and drummer Matt Chaney.

Formed in 2014, the Boys have been building an explosive reputation on the back of a bunch of 7"s and a brace of full-lengths on labels like Dead Beat, Hobo Wolfman, No Front Teeth and Riot Records, not to mention coast to coast touring in the US and Canada.

Drawing on the typical influences of the Stones, the Groovies, the Stooges, the Dolls, etc, the band mix a bit more energy into the pot citing classic UK punk like Generation X, Vibrators and Slaughter & The Dogs. Extra points for Dudzik's Discharge t-shirt in the video!


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