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Hailing from Montreal, Canada are the ten legged chaos machine that is TRIGGER EFFECT. Despite being a new name in the UK the quintet have two studio albums under their belts and several tours of North America and mainland Europe already notched up, but this is all about to change! With a sound falling somewhere between the thunderous melody of The Bronx, mixed with the dischordance of Refused and all delivered with the ferocity of Black Flag, their non-stop, chaos filled sets have built them a reputation as one of the most explosive live bands out there.

The band's new album, 'What's Left To Eliminate?', will drop in the UK on May 27th on Dry Heave Records, following this the band will be bringing the maelstrom of their live experience to the UK for the first time. If you caught their incendiary set at Groezrock last year you'll know what to expect, if not, watch them light the touch paper and stand well back!


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Graceful is definitely not a word to describe THE SMOKING HEARTS. Their live Shows have seen guitars smashed and drum kits sprawled across stages and it is not uncommon to find half the band playing in the crowd while singer Ben Mills is in the back of the venue, on the bar or hanging from the rafters, all while coercing the crowd into joining the party. Clocking in at just over the half hour mark, "Victory!" is a celebration. Featuring backing vocals from over 40 of the bands friends "Victory!' is a party of an album, the soundtrack to every good night out. THE SMOKING HEARTS intend on celebrating their victory worldwide.



Trieste is K A Williams (Fabric/Capricorns/Alabaster Suns), James Sherry (Done Lying Down/K-Line),Giles J Davis (Eagle Boys/Tough Troubles) and Rob Jarvis (Holy State)R.I.P and now Rich Matthews(K-Line, Grand central). Operating under the radar and harking back to a simpler time Trieste is the sound of long forgotten summers and winters. Late 80's tinged DC style post punk.


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