Glam-garage rockin' Londoners THE PRISCILLAS are honouring us with their presence at our annual VIVE LE X-MESS bash at The Water Rats on 6th December. We gave frontwoman Jen a call to get the lowdown on what to expect...

When, how, why you started?

Folklore has it that we met in the now demolished Holloway (women's) Prison in the mid-noughties. We got together to start a band, having similar tastes in punk, '60s girl groups, psychedelic, and '80s alternative pop. I'd moved to London from New Jersey after having fronted my own band Drag Triplets followed by a stint on keyboards and backing vocals in Get Hip's The High School Sweethearts. I had done the NYC circuit, and being a longtime Anglophile, decided to give it a go in England. So began The Priscillas.

Who's in the band?

We've had our share of member changes over the years and I remain the only founding member. Our cracking current line-up is:

(Me) Jenny Drag: lead vocals and percussion-type things.

Valkyrie: guitar-slinger extraordinaire and vocalist. She also plays bass with legendary artist Lene Lovich who we will be touring with in 2024.

Taylor: effortlessly cool bassist and backing vocalist, who previously played in Friction (fronted by Kiria aka Sarah Vista and featured the late Tony 'Perfect' Morrison on guitar)

Jola: dazzling dynamo on drums - she has also been an integral part of pop icon Adam Ant's drumming duo for over a decade.

Best band you have played with or tour you have done?

It's hard to narrow it down, but touring with The Damned is a highlight. Always so much fun, they would have us up to sing with them during their shows. We'd just have a blast on and off stage.

Being the only support band for The Cramps on their last London appearance, playing to a sold out Astoria was truly special. Lux and Ivy watched our set from the stage. Surreal.

Playing The 100 Club with supergroup The Split Squad which is Blondie's Clem Burke and members of the Fleshtones, Plimsouls and The Baseball Project was a night to remember. Kathy Valentine of The Go-Go's made a special guest appearance and Valkyrie happily lent Kathy her guitar. A good time was had by all.

Festivals are always a hoot, getting to play alongside our favourite artists. We've done quite a few tours abroad - Spain being one of our most frequented European spots. We've also made couple of jaunts to the US, hitting New York and New Jersey which was ace.

What's out now?

Our self-released single 'Angela' is out as a digital download and limited edition CD/video. Thunderbaby Records will be putting it out on vinyl as a double A-side which will include our forthcoming single. They make gorgeous, collectable records, working strictly with female bands including the's. We're really chuffed to be working with them!

What can we expect at Vive Le X-Mess?

A glammed up, energetic performance complete with catchy tunes, harmonies, and high kicks. We even get to do our much loved Christmas classic which was a favourite on BBC6. Possibly expect a snow storm...TBC...

Vive Le X-Mess is at the Water Rats, London on 6th December, also featuring Desperate Measures, The Speedways, The Electric Shakes and of course, the fabulous Vive Le Rock All-Stars!!!

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