Ace London rockers NEON ANIMAL pay tribute to the great and the good of rock'n'roll with this brilliantly-titled track from their latest EP God's Own Bastards. And they're premiering the video with Vive Le Rock!

"Imagine if Vive Le Rock! magazine were to take the form of a song, it might sound something like this," says band frontman and livewire Mark Thorn. "A collaborative effort that sprang to life during a drunken (and other nameless party products) jam in a period when every other week some rock 'n' roll legend seemed to be hitting the dust and a copy of Vive Le Rock! and other bibles of rock 'n' roll religion just happend to be lying open on the coffee table as if by magic….."

Featuring fast-rising London punks HEALTHY JUNKIES, Neon Animal's ass-shakin' anthem 'Vive Le Rock' is a riotous life celebration of the spirit of rock 'n' roll. It's past and it's present and it's happening right here, right now!

God's Own Bastards is available now from Bandcamp and iTunes.

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