Punk-blooze trio THE BERMONDSEY JOYRIDERS are back on the London stage this Saturday, when their slide-infused ‘77 stylings will be warming up Tufnell Park’s Boston Music Room for punk icons The Vibrators. 

An ideal and inspired match, The ‘Joyriders share some heritage with the headliners (frontman Gary Lammin, bassist Martin Stacey and drummer Chris Musto respectively cut their teeth in Strummer proteges Little Roosters, Chelsea and Johnny Thunders‘ Oddballs), but possess a distinctive style of showmanship that’s sure to keep punters on their toes. 
The veteran trio have blended the punk prototype with slide-blues sounds and a Kinks-esque vein of very British social commentary, fully realizing their bold vision on May’s second album ‘Noise & Revolution’.  An ambitious concept piece featuring spoken word narration from MC5 manager and performance poet John Sinclair, the record won considerable critical acclaim upon release and a cult following, as the band proceeded to air it live and in full at a series of unconventional self-promoted gigs and happenings. 

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