The Vibrators. Live ? Winter 2009. Radar Proof Recordings RPR 001. The Vibrators live at Champions, Bournemouth 12 November 2009 This officially sanctioned DVD includes the full gig, filmed with 3 cameras. Also includes 2 interviews with Knox, plus 3 promo videos, exclusively created by Radar Proof Recordings. Comes with professionally designed sleeve, label and insert. LIMITED EDITION OF 100 COPIES ONLY Tack listing: 1 Wrecked On You 2 Pure Mania 3 I Need A Slave 4 Whips And Furs 5 Kid's A Mess 6 Troops Of Tomorrow 7 Amphetamine Blues 8 London Girls 9 Sound Of The Suburbs 10 Into The Future 11 Under The Radar 12 Rip Up The City 13 Baby Baby 14 Judy Says (Knock You In The Head) 15 Disco In Mosco 16 Automatic Lover Encores 17 We're The Dead 18 Brand New Cadillac 19 Yeah Yeah Yeah Line up for this gig: Knox ? vocals / Nigel ? guitar / Pete ? bass / Eddie ? drums (Running time approx 60 minutes) DVD Extras: Two interviews with Knox, exploring his pre-Vibrators life, as well as his opinions on over 30 years on the punk and other music scenes. Additional interview at the Vibrators? December 2009 Southampton gig. (Running time approx 40 minutes) 3 Vibrators Promo Videos, exclusively created by Radar Proof Recordings: We're The Dead Under The Radar Automatic Lover (Running time approx 7 minutes) TOTAL DVD RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 50 minutes ?Radar Proof Recordings? are a collective of individuals, with various talents, bringing together our knowledge and interests to present exciting DVDs of live gigs filmed on the South Coast. RPR started up in November 2009, inspired by the filming and after show chat with the Vibrators, which we proudly present here, as our first release. THIS DVD RELEASE IS PRODUCED WITH THE PERMISSION OF THE BAND AND CONTAINS FOOTAGE OF THE GIG FILMED WITH THREE CAMERAS, SKILFULLY EDITED TO CAPTURE THE EXCITEMENT OF THE VIBRATORS? SUPERB SET, INCLUDING MANY PUNK CLASSICS?
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