Fans of 80s post-punk/gothic-rockers INCA BABIES can delight that the band's founder and songwriter HARRY STAFFORD is back with a new solo album.

Gothic Urban Blues finds Stafford working with a new band, featuring members of the Inca Babies and The Membranes, who take their name from his previous album Guitar Shaped Hammers, which came out in 2017.

The album finds Stafford moving away from the strident, caustic punk-blues of the Babies, in favour of a more reflective, haunted, piano-led sound closer to the likes of Nick Cave and Tom Waits.

“The unrelenting noise of the city, the sounds, the music, the traffic, with all its citizens shouting through the hubbub," says Stafford about the album. "Trying to make a mark with incessant hunger and ruthless desire. All seeking their fortune in the grime. Some satisfied to be alive and some probing for their place among the immortals: someone to love, something to blow your mind and a ‘soul sonic vision’ to look beyond the vista in a penthouse demi-heaven. Half the dream of the urban city sprawl: all the sound of Gothic Urban Blues.”

Gothic Urban Blues is out now and available here.

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