Cherry Red have a book on UK Hardcore coming out in September, by Ian Glasper.
He previously wrote Burning Britain and Day The Country Died for us. He also
played bass in Decadence and Stampin' Ground, and is currently in thrash
band Suicide Watch. It is an absolutely brilliant book detailing the
undergroud hardcore scene in the UK. We are also going to release a CD to
accompany the book, which be out in October.


                              TRAPPED IN A SCENE
- UK HARDCORE 1985-89
Ian Glasper

•    Market    Music Biography / Pop     •    Published    21/09/09

The underground hardcore scene of the mid-late Eighties was UK punk rock's last significant creative gasp. Emerging from the wreckage of the anarcho punk scene spawned by the likes of Crass and Conflict, it took its influences from the studs 'n' leather punk bands of the early Eighties such as Discharge and GBH, and also the nascent American hardcore movement and the emerging metal/punk crossover scene.

Filter all of this through some through fiercely DIY aesthetics and you had a potent movement that spawned such seminal acts as Napalm Death, ENT, The Stupids and Heresy. With the backing of John Peel and an unwavering work ethic, these bands, and the labels that launched them (including Earache and Peaceville - both now widely regarded as having some of the finest metal rosters in the world), pushed musical boundaries into new and previously unexplored avenues of extremity, helping to shape the alternative music scene we know and love today.
Ian Glasper is the critically acclaimed author of two previous books for Cherry Red, 2004's 'Burning Britain' and 2006's 'The Day The Country Died', and 'Trapped In A Scene’ is the long-awaited closing volume of his celebrated trilogy on the UK punk scene of the Eighties.

As per those first two books, it digs deeper than anyone has previously dared into a subculture that was as manic, exciting, innovative and defiant as anything before or since, if not more so. Constructed upon meticulously gathered first-hand accounts and heaving with exclusive never-seen-before photographs, 'Trapped In A Scene' is the definitive document on UKHC and essential reading for anyone with a passing interest in the convoluted evolution of genuinely challenging punk music.

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