Following a string of successful shows last year, TV SMITH &THE BORED TEENAGERS celebrate Smith's original band with a new album.

The band delivered an incendiary set last August at Rebellion and then went on to do the same as one of the supports on The Damned's '76 reunion tour that Autumn.

The day after the band's Rebellion performance, and still hyped from  the gig, they went into Blackpool's Rock Hard studios and ploughed through their 18-song live set of Adverts classics including 'Gary Gilmore's Eyes', 'No Time To Be 21', 'Safety In Numbers' and 'One Chord Wonders'.

“I’d never intended to re-record these songs again as I’d always considered the original recordings with The Adverts as the ‘only’ version,” Smith explains. “But after playing the songs with the Bored Teenagers on stage over the past few years they began to take on a new life of their own and somehow the lyrics and messages of the songs gained a new power and relevance for this era, just as the Adverts versions had for 1977. The confidence and energy of the Bored Teenagers changed the two Adverts albums into a new beast - and when the band came over from their home town of Barcelona to play Rebellion in the summer of 2022 we decided to commit the set to tape, just as we play it on stage: a headlong rush of music with no pauses and no time to take breath, all recorded in the studio in one take.”

The CD edition of Replay The Adverts was released late last year, but a limited edition vinyl version with free 7" is set for release on 24 March. It's available to pre-order now from Easy Action Records, with a free poster for the first 100 orders.

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Pic by Chris Hill

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