JOHNNY THUNDERS & THE HEARTBREAKERS are to have their classic live album given the deluxe expanded vinyl format.
D.T.K. Live At The Speakeasy was recorded on 15 March 1977 at the notorious musicians' hangout on Margaret Street in London's West End. Fresh from recording their debut album L.A.M.F. for Track Records, the band's two sets were recorded at the club with the the Maison Rouge mobile studio parked outside.
Initially released on Jungle in 1982, as a 10-track LP. A further five tracks were recovered to complete the whole two sets, and the whole lot were remixed for Down To Kill - Complete Live At The Speakeasy in 2009.
This new version comes on limited edition red-and-white vinyl, with a free CD and a sixteen-page booklet with notes by legendary journalist and Vive Le Rock contributor Kris Needs.
Set for release by Jungle on 23 November, Down To Kill - Complete Live At The Speakeasy is available to pre-order here.
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