Members of The Slits and author Zoe Street meet fans at FOPP Covent Garden
WHAT: Signing session
WHERE: FOPP London, Earlham Street, Covent Garden
WHEN: Monday 13th July 2009 at 6.00 pm
Fans of the hugely influential punk band, The Slits, get the chance to meet two members of the band in person when they visit FOPP’s Earlham Street store in London’s Covent Garden to sign copies of the new book, ‘Typical Girls: The Story Of The Slits’, on Monday 13th July 2009.
Author Zoe Street, with Viv Albertine and Tessa Pollitt from the band, will be at the store from 6.00 pm, to meet fans and sign copies of the new book which is officially released through Omnibus on 9th July 2009.
Wild, defiant and startlingly inventive, The Slits were ahead of their time. Although they created some unique hybrids - dub reggae and pop-punk, African rhythms, funk and free jazz - they were dismissed as being unable to play. In the book, Author Zoe Street Howe speaks to The Slits themselves, to former manager Don Letts, mentor and PIL guitarist Keith Levene and many other friends and colleagues to discover exactly how The Slits phenomenon came about and to celebrate the legacy of a seminal band long overdue its rightful acclaim.

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