You’d think what with The Damned reunion and his recent recording project with former Generation X guitarist Bob ‘Derwood’ Andrews, Rat Scabies would have enough on his plate. But another of his many projects finds him recording with a charity supergroup raising funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

First put together seven years ago by artist Harry Pye and musician and Velvet Goldmine actor Micko Westmoreland, THE SPAMMED convene once a year to record a track for a charity album released by The Specialized Project, a social enterprise helping young people in difficult circumstances.

The Spammed’s line-up has morphed a bit over the years but for their latest recording, a punked-up version of Dean Martin’s louche anthem ‘Ain’t That A Kick In The Head’ for the Rat Pack-themed Our Way collection, the band comprised Scabies, Westmoreland, SPECIALS bassist Horace Panter and keyboardist Nikolaj Torp Larsen, MADNESS guitarist Chris Foreman, HIGSONS and GALLON DRUNK sax-man Terry Edwards and on vocals, actor and comedian Kevin Eldon.

“It was Rat’s idea to do ‘Ain’t That A Kick In The Head’,” admits Westmoreland. “He’s normally very quiet about stuff and just turns up, but he had a handle on it and made some great suggestions.”

Because it’s for a good cause, people are always willing to help out, including recording studio Eastcote in West London where the session took place. Likewise, over the years the band has been lucky enough to work with top-flight producers such as Tony Visconti, David M Allen, Nick Lowe and in this case, legendary Rolling Stones producer Chris Kimsey.

“It’s all word of mouth,” says Panter. “Nobody gets paid, everybody gives their services for nothing. We just do it and eventually we end up on the Specialized CD. It’s just a good laugh, really.”

The 4-CD Our Way is available here.

Pic by Ashley Jones

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