Spiky haircuts and leather jackets are The Limit on The Moor     The queue of spiky haircuts and leather jackets that became a familiar sight on Sheffield's West Street for 13 years has brought them back to life in jaw-dropping style by local artist Paul Staveley.     He teamed up with management on The Moor to recreate the scene outside one of Sheffield's most iconic venues, The Limit.     Interest in the venue that celebrates 20 years since its closure next year is at an all time high thanks to Neil Anderson's best selling 'Take It To The Limit' book that chronicles the life of the club and a series of reunion club nights that have  been complete sell outs and attracted punters from as far away as Spain.     Everyone from U2 to Human League played the venue that ran from 1978 until 1991.     The art installation sits at 54, The Moor, in the former Mark One clothing shop.     Paul Staveley said: "The Limit holds a special place in the minds of so many people and the publication of Neil Anderson's 'Take It To The Limit' book last year brought interest to a head like never before.     "I'm hoping my art installation on The Moor will bring memories flooding back."     A Limit reunion is set to be as close as you'll get to the real thing and takes place at Wellington Street's Casbah on Saturday, September 18.     Paul Staveley will also be exhibiting two limited edition prints of the venue on the night and legendary Limit DJ Paul Unwin will be providing the music.      Two previous reunions have been complete sell-outs.     Sandra Barley, The Moor's centre liaison manager, said: "Paul's Limit installation is one of the best pieces of art we've ever had on The Moor. It captures the club in its eighties heyday and it is already creating quite a stir."     More information on Limit paintings and tickets at     Pic caption: (left to right) Artist Paul Staveley and author Neil Anderson unveil the Limit installation on The Moor           
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