Punk and Metal Vets Team Up For A New Kind Of Sound

(PR) You may not expect classic mod/garage/soul rock from a group of music vets who are more used to metal, thrash and punk than a tight groove, but that's just what you get with The Hi-Nobles, who present their debut album Shake on Sept 15, 2009 via Zaentz Records.

The Hi-Nobles are comprised of former Mordred lead singer Scott Holderby, who's traded his snarl for a howl more out of New Orleans than his San Fran home-base, Avengers guitarist Greg Ingraham, Jeff Hashfield on organ, Henry Austin on bass and Guy Alvarez on drums. Hard to imagine what would bring a group like this together, but the combination of craig's-list ads, alcohol and the quest for something different is not only logical but spot on accurate.

"The Hi-Nobles gives me a chance to shape an up-and-coming group. It's something that hasn't happened in nearly three decades," states Ingraham. "It's nice to be back in the studio, and get back out on the road with something really cool and new. "

The Hi-Nobles took their punk roots and soul from the garage and created garage from the soul and you can definitely hear both on Shake. The two loudest tracks, "Ain't No Sin" and "Miss Addy," feature Ingraham, as he says, "laying on the heavy fuzz." Elsewhere, the album is a tour de force of 60s mod and soul, with revved-up tempos ("Shake"), pop aspirations ("Shelter") and a groovy, organ-drenched blast of R&B ("Stings a Bit"), featuring the manic keys of Hi-Nobles secret weapon Jeff Hashfield.

The Hi-Nobles will be going to radio with the track "International Playboys," and are currently performing around the Bay Area. Look for a full jaunt across the U.S. in the Fall.

The Hi-Nobles will release Shake on Sept 15th on Zaentz Records.

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