The Cars have prompted speculation that they are set to reunite by posting a photograph of the band rehearsing on their official Facebook page. The legendary pop-rockers enjoyed a string of hits in the ’70s and ’80s—including “Let’s Go,” “Shake It Up,” and “Drive”—but split after their 1987 album, Door to Door. The photograph shows Ric Ocasek and Elliot Easton with guitars, David Robinson behind the drums, and keyboardist Greg Hawkes standing in on bass for Benjamin Orr, who sang many of the band’s best-loved tunes and died from pancreatic cancer in 2000. According to the Boston Globe, Greg Hawkes has acknowledged the photo does show a band rehearsal, but he was coy on the subject of a Cars reunion. “I hate to be vague, but I really can’t say,” said Hawkes. “It’s a crazy world.” Ocasek’s spokesperson was unavailable for comment.
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