A new project has reached Vive Le Punk that we like!! New band The Blades-and their single 'Spirit of England' released to tie in with the world cup. check em' out!

“Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” Spirit Of England’ is a charity ep for the "Forces". Singer, Jeneira says “We have ex-servicemen living rough on the streets, and the likes of Johnson Beharry, VC, attempting suicide. It’s a national disgrace. “‘Spirit Of England’ is a positive song for the World Cup ,which will have the even more positive side-effect of raising money for Help 4 Heroes. We love our footballers but let’s not forget that our boys and girls on the frontline, they are the backbone of the UK. This is London street punk at its best.” Make a difference - buy this ep. release date-07/06/2010-plastic head


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