Yo Monkey Lovers!   After a few months of silence, the Aper is back with some news about the band we still call THE APERS. I had to take a few months off from rockin' out because of some throat problems, but everything is ok again. In less than two weeks we will play our first show of the year at the PMK in Innsbruck, followed by a show for our friend Ema who passed away last December. After that, shit is on! We're booking shows as we speak, and both September and October are pretty much full. I'll list all the shows, complete with info and all that crap at the bottom of this email. No stress, you know how we do!   Now what is up and on?   In August we will hit the studio with Sharky from The Real Danger in order to record 7 songs. 5 of those will appear on a split CD with Sons Of Buddah from France. Sons Of Buddah is the other band from Ed Uncommonmenfrommars, and boy do they rock! For this split we will also record a video with our friend Jordi Ostir, who also shot the Priceduifkes video for 'Mikey Is A Geezer'. Dirty Witch Records from France will put out this record. And the other 2 songs? They're for a compilation on Stardumb Records. It's gonna be their 50th release, and all I know so far is that Jerry Hormone and Kepi Ghoulie have also recorded tracks. How can one not be excited?   Last year we played the Insubordination Fest in Baltimore, MD, USA and our set was filmed. The good Americans from Insubsordination Records, the same guys that released 'Reanimate My Heart' in the USA, have released this entire set on DVD! Pretty cool huh? You can get it from Interpunk, just go to and get your copy today. Or just download it, punk!   3 Voor 12 Rotterdam celebrates their 5th anniversary and to add to the party flavour, some DJ made a remix (or whatever they call it) of several Rotterdam bands. The Apers are included with 'It's All Over You Know' and I have to say, it sounds pretty funny. We're almost a real band now! If you wanna download the fucker, go to I think you have to do something with the right mouseclick yo.   Mmm, yeah, that's it for now. Ivo, Kelvin and Mikey will be in Innsbruck in 11 days, where we shall have a bit of bandpractise. Check out the shows and come by for some beers and good old punkrock party action!   L8r, Kevin Aper   The APERS shows 2010   Thu 20 May @ PMK, Innsbruck (IT) w/ Peacocks + Casinos  Fri 21 May @ Circolo Delle Arte, Mariano Comense (Milan), (I) w/ Manges + Zatopeks + Tough + Teenage Gluesniffers + Ricobellis   Sat 22 May: Final Champions League! Fri 28 May @ De Beuk, Barendrecht (NL) w/ The Roman Line + The 20 Belows Sat 29 May @ Popas, Assen (NL) w/ Accelerators + Paceshifters  Fri 4 June @ Wild At Heart, Berlin (D) w/ Bat Bites + Zatopeks  Sat 5 June @ Conny¹s Atomsmasher Fest, Grossenhain (D) w/ Bat Bites + Zatopeks + Dear Landlord + more  Sat 12 June @ Vera, Groningen (NL)   Thu 22 July @ Blue Rose, Bresse (MI) (I)  Sun 25 July @ Holzrock, Schopfheim (D) Sat 4 September @ Skatefest JH Den Joc, Olen (B)  Fri 17 September @ Metropool, Hengelo (NL)  Sat 18 September @ Front, Vroomshoop (NL) w/ Paceshifters  Sat 25 September @ Elektra, Sliedrecht (NL)  Fri 1 October @ De Pit, Terneuzen (NL)  Sat 2 October @ Jahnhalle, Nordenham (D)  Sat 9 October @ Exit, Rotterdam (NL) w/ Sugus + Murderburgers + Priceduifkes  Thu 14 October @ Le Chimere, Lille (F)  Wed 20 October @ Le Bartola, Perigueux (F)  Fri 22 October @ Le Ninkasi, Lyon (F) w/ Annita Babyface & The Tastey Poneys + Opium Pour Le Peuple  Fri 29 October @ JH De Bassment, Houthalen-Oost (B) w/ Priceduifkes + Rejected Bastards  Sat 30 October @ De Piek, Vlissingen (NL)  --  Monster Zero Inc ( <> )  The Apers, punkrock est. 1996 ( <> )  
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