Now a four-piece, Thank You's latest album Golden Worry (produced by Chris Coady - Beach House, Gang Gang Dance) was released earlier this year to much critical acclaim. They have since added a new bass player STEVE SANTILLAN who brings an extra punch to their dynamic sound.

"...shines a light on pop-hooks with a teeth grindingly high riff that sticks in your head as it skips over the head-nodding drums and smooth, hum-worthy harmonies... exciting and full-of-energy." - Loud + Quiet

"Obtuse and unrelenting, their discordant racket serves as a soundtrack to their native city's bleak industrial climate, in the same way Big Black characterised mid-Eighties Illinois or Pere Ubu a decade earlier with Cleveland... There's a diversity to Golden Worry's six pieces. '1-2-3 Bad' takes a similar post-punk route to that of No Age, offering minimal noise where others would probably take a more dance-orientated route... it's hard to envisage a more challenging, complex record than this" - Drowned in Sound

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