Texan roots-rock and punkgrass artist ASH GRAY has announced the release of a new live album featuring his UK band The Burners.

Live 55 was recorded during October '21 at The Dorothy Pax venue in Sheffield, the city that the Austin musician currently calls home.

“I thought it would be good to finally capture this very sparky line-up that has emerged since lockdown,” says Gray. “A new energy, a live album that not only shows how earlier material has taken on a life of its own but also it’s a great vehicle to showcase newer songs with these extremely talented musicians who are really in synch with each other and having a great time. The sound is a real celebration: all of the songs have become more groovy landscapes where the cosmic country idea has moved onward, sometimes into more rocky, psychedelic territory."

Raised in Texas by Yorkshire parents, Gray first made an impact in the UK with punkgrass outfit The High-Class Family Butchers before returning the the US to front glam-punks Stungun, later surfacing as guitarist with longserving NYC  legends, The Cycle Sluts From Hell, alongside alumni from the likes of Overkill, Nuclear Assault and Warrior Soul. Since then he's released a string of solo albums, most recently 2018's highly rated Chicken Wire.

Live 55 is available to download from Bandcamp with a CD edition to follow.

Ash Gray & The Burners play the following dates over the festive season...

Dec 18 –The Blues Bar, Harrogate
Dec 22 – The Church House, Sheffield (album launch party)


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