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Release date 25th January 2010

The Tenebrous Liar are Steve Gullick - vocals & guitar, Tony Ash - guitar, Brendan Casey - bass and Tom Glendining - drums, the Richard Warren produced album is the line-ups first together. This is a very different incarnation of the band who have been releasing records since 2006, the last being 2008's critically acclaimed Tenebrous Liar's Last Stand which, like the new offering, was released by the staunchly independent label TV Records.

'Jackknifed & Slaughtered' sees The Tenebrous Liar dynamically evince their full potential both as songwriters and as an incredibly powerful musical force, they are now clearly more than capable of producing emotionally charged, direct, structured and melodious songs, delivered straight from the heart and gut. From the vivid rancour of ‘Suffer You’, through the subterranean soul searching within ‘No Guiding Light’, ‘Nothing Is Plenty’ and ‘Cut Down Your Love’, the blank generation post sense response of ‘Nothing To Say’, the dramatic howl of desire and plea for reconciliation which ignites the title track, the yearning ‘No Relief’ to the finality of ‘Is This How It Ends?'

'Jackknifed & Slaughtered' is an album of two distinct halves, side one devised to hook the listener with up-tempo deliberately catchy pop songs, side two has darker leanings, more contemplative, brooding and subdued. “The way these songs developed is definitely a consequence of the addition of our new drummer, Tom.” opines lyricist and internationally renowned music photographer Steve Gullick, considering the thrilling musical evolution of the band. “He’s just facilitated my musical dreams and made us all much better musicians, he and Bren have become this amazing rhythm section.”

'Jackknifed & Slaughtered' is a thoroughly exhilarating and immediate experience, the bands utter commitment to creating a stirring soundscape backdrop to Gullick’s confessional words of experience is never in doubt. Underpinned by the rock solid rhythmic foundation provided by Glendining’s drums and Casey’s bass, Ash’s innovative guitar inflames The Tenebrous Liar tunes while Gullick’s idiosyncratic guitar and vocals bring poignant emotional clout to the album.

Gullick and the band have intuitively fashioned their own compelling compositions and utterly distinctive sound "the songs were well rehearsed and played extensively live before we went into the studio", Gullick also acknowledges producer Richard Warren’s contribution to the successful realization of the group’s clamourous blast on 'Jackknifed & Slaughtered', working in the same isolated Nottingham studio where Rich worked with Spiritualized on their 'Songs in A and E album': “Rich breathes music, just knows how we need to sound, his only brief was, ‘We just want to play the songs live and we want you to record them, we have four days.”

The Tenebrous Liar are not afraid to tell uncomfortable truths on Jackknifed & Slaughtered and they deserve your immediate attention. The band will be touring in support of 'Jackknifed & Slaughtered' and you are strongly advised to catch one of Their renowned incendiary performances. The Tenebrous Liar take no quarter. Freedom will reign……

Album launch shows...

January 22nd - Nottingham Chameleon with Souvaris
January 24th - Coventry InSpire with Souvaris & Moonbears
January 25th - London Lexington with The Notorious Hi-Fi Killers & BlackCar - £5.00

Jackkniffed & Slaughtered is Released on 25th January 2010 by TV Records. Distributed by Shellshock

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