UK rockers SYTERIA have had all their gear nicked after a gig in London.

The Yorkshire band, who feature GIRLSCHOOL guitarist Jackie Chambers, had been playing dates to roadtest material for their forthcoming new album. They'd just played a gig at The Lounge venue in North London before spending the night at the local Premier Inn. The next morning they discovered that their van, parked in the hotel's car park, had been emptied.

"What next?" they ask. "Well, now we have to replace all the gear as well as find the money to pay for the studio, pressing, printing, etc. in readiness for the new album. Thankfully the gigs we do have booked, the support bands, and local musicians have all been kind enough to lend us their equipment until we do replace it."

The band have set up a Kickstarter page to fund the release of their next album Reflection. Their modest target was reached in three days, but please consider chipping in to help the band out of a tight spot.

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