Dear friends  of good music, another cool new band is coming to conquer the world. Justin from the Clorox Girls, Chris from The Briefs, Smail from The Shocks and James from Ripchord know each other since quite a while, and when you read the Bands they've been in, you get the idea, what they sound like.
Please spread the word and do not miss the shows! 
cheerz Marita
Tourdates and Info below- <>
Feb 19 2009 - Wurlitzer Ballroom / Madrid
Feb 20 2009 - Estraperlo / Badalona
Feb 21 2009 - Magazine Club / Valencia
Feb 22 2009 - Bukowsky / San Sebastian/Donosti
Mar 19 2009 - 12 Bar / London
Mar 20 2009 - Dirty Water Club @ Boston Arms, London
Mar 21 2009 - rising Sun Arts Centre / Reading
"When I was a kid I thought I was Jesus"

Combining 60's pop and bubblegum with late 70's California beach punk, Suspect Parts have something brewing that can't be ignored.  The Seeds, the Kinks, Wire, and the Buzzcocks can be heard, as well as a little Franz Ferdinand or Rezillos, a little Protex or Undertones, but with a modern touch.  Backward looking but forward thinking indie pop with a punk edge.
Apocalypse Pop, waiting for the apocalypse to...drop.
Suspect Parts are the brainchild of two exiled Americans who managed to tame their inner demons with buzzsaw indie pop, a candy floss meets razorblade concoction that goes down surprisingly smooth.
Justin Maurer, singer, guitarist, and principal wordsmith is a native of rainy Portland, Oregon. Justin founded Clorox Girls, a sleek and combustible do-it-yourself punk band who played one minute thirty second odes to their heroes Buddy Holly, Angry Samoans, and the Germs. After six years of worldwide touring at breakneck speeds, twelve singles, three albums and numerous lineup changes, Clorox Girls went on "indefinite hiatus"

Chris Bell, drums, is a native of the desert badlands of New Mexico, USA. Chris moved to post grunge Seattle and,with three other guys, started a new wave punk band called the Briefs.  The Briefs ignited a northwest "new wave" movement based around indie label Dirtnap Records, that included bands like Exploding Hearts and Clorox Girls. The Briefs were briefly signed to Interscope Records, and with their continuous barrage of media and momentum toured nonstop for nearly a decade.

James Sullivan, guitar and backing vocals was raised in the midlands of Shrewsbury, England and grew up on Britpop. Along with a friend Phil Wallbank, they started an indie band called Ripchord who were quickly signed to James Endeacott's 1965 Records.  They released two singles to critical acclaim.

Smail Gerhard, bass, was born in post war East Berlin where he was forced to escape to the West as a teenager to avoid the compulsory military service in the East German army.   After the wall fell, he founded a punk band called The Shocks who have since become staples of the Berlin punk rock scene and have released a number of singles and three full length albums.

Apocalypse Pop. MGMT or Ramones? Kings of Leon or New York Dolls? When oil runs out a major line is going to be drawn.  Which side are you on? Which tribe are you willing to die for? 
Pop's chosen warriors will rule the apocalypse.
Drop, waiting for the apocalypse to...pop.

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