Suicidal Tendencies announce debut DVD release for March 29th - Hammerfest Headline slot confirmed for March 13th!          Live At The Olympic Auditorium DVD To Be Released Via Suicidal Records March 29th Confirmed to headline Hammerfest  2 March 13th New Album To Be Released September 2010 <>   Since their beginnings in Venice, CA in the early 80¹s, Suicidal Tendencies have led the charge in the skate punk/thrash metal movement, consequently influencing an entire generation of bands along the way. Essential Music are proud to announce Live at the Olympic Auditorium, Suicidal Tendencies¹ first-ever DVD release. The approximately 80 minute DVD features 16 tracks including ST classics ŒInstitutionalized¹, ŒWar Inside My Head¹ and ŒPossessed To Skate¹ and captures the band in their most natural environment; onstage, uncensored and ready to tear you to shreds. ³The band started getting emails from some crazy guy that always said, ŒI know you¹ll probably think that I¹m crazy but I wanna book ST for a show and I got this idea...¹,² explains frontman Mike Muir.  ³Well, one by one we shot down the unique ideas until one time he emailed and said the Olympic Auditorium was being bought by a Korean Church, shouldn¹t it be sent off with a special last gig? The band agreed and then the work began. The promoter ­ Evel Dick Donato who went on to win Big Brother ­ tells a bit about the show, making of etc on the intro. Lots of drama, none more than the day before the show when I woke up and couldn¹t walk. But the show must go on and the back surgery would have to wait until afterwards! Suicidal performed live at the Olympic Auditorium in front of 4,000 Cycos...but now you can enjoy it in the safety of your living room.² DVD Lineup Mike Muir ­ Vocals  Mike Clark ­ Guitar  Dean Pleasants ­ Guitar  Steve Bruner ­ Bass  David Hidalgo ­ Drums*     *Eric Moore is ST¹s current drummer  DVD Tracklisting:  1. Intro 2. I Shot Reagan 3. War Inside My Head 4. Subliminal 5. Ain¹t Gonna Take It 6. Suicidal Failure 7. We Are Family 8. Possessed To Skate 9. I Saw your Mommy 10. Waking the Dead 11. Show some Love...Tear it down 12. Cyco vision 13. Two-Sided Politics 14. Won¹t Fall in Love Today 15. Institutionalised 16. Pledge Your Allegiance 17. Credits     The band are also now confirmed to headline Hammerfest 2 on the Saturday night at Pontins in Prestatyn for an exclusive UK show, appearing alongside Iced Earth and Skindred. A brand new Suicidal Tendencies album is due for release in September 2010. Watch this space, CycosŠ. 
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