Long-serving anarcho-punk legends SUBHUMANS are to have the full story told in a new book due out this spring.

Formed in Wiltshire in 1980 during the Thatcher era, Subhumans are widely regarded as one of the best, best-loved and most incisive and insightful of punk bands, both in the UK and on international stages, as relevant and necessary today as they were the day they were formed.

Comprising more than 640 pages, Silence Is No Reaction: Forty Years Of Subhumans was written by Ian Glasper, musician, Vive Le Rock and Down For Life contributor and author of the essential anarcho-punk text The Day The Country Died.

Working directly with the band, Glasper has compiled the band's full history, going deep into their four-decade career, examining their various roots and branches while casting his expert eye over their complex discography and gigography. The book is illustrated with myriad photos, flyers and assorted memorabilia.

Published by PM Press and Earth Island Books, the book can be ordered via a Kickstarter page, offering various rewards. Alternatively the paperback can be pre-ordered here in the UK and Europe or here in the USA.


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Pic by Tony Mottram

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