STREET DOGS have announced plans to return to the studio in February to record their fifth studio album and follow-up to their critically acclaimed 2008 Hellcat debut State of Grace.  The band will be recording with bassist Johnny Rioux as producer and Rick Barton (original Dropkick Murphys guitarist) co-producing at the infamous punk rock studio the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado which was built by members of Descendents, All and Black Flag.

“Every time we go into the studio we are trying to make our finest record,” says McColgan. “So on February ninth when we enter the Blasting Room in Fort Collins, Colorado that is the goal to make our best record.  Also this record will be more of a rabble rousing punk record than our previous records and have more of an edge and an attack on it.  We will work to all of our strengths on this effort and we are very excited to have Rick Barton co-producing the record.”
“Our next and fifth record will capture the purest form of the band to date,” adds Rioux.  “We are making it as if it were our first record. The punk and hardcore songs will be MORE punk and hardcore.  Our Celtic influence and songs will be more Celtic, the folk, folkier and so on.  It's almost as if we are making records in the reverse of most bands. Ending up back at square one, and square one never sounded better.  Basically, we want to make our new favorite record.”

The band will follow their studio stint with an extensive 2 month European tour, starting this March in the UK.
date venue city country
26 Mar 2010 Kentish Town Forum @ London UK
27 Mar 2010 Club Revolution @ Petersborough UK
28 Mar 2010 Stereo @ Glasgow UK
29 Mar 2010 Garter@  Manchester UK
30 Mar 2010 Trillians @ Newcastle UK
31 Mar 2010 Old Bell @ Derby UK
1 Apr 2010 Croft @ Bristol UK
3 Apr 2010 Punk & Disorderly @ Berlin DE
4 Apr 2010 KFZ Marburg DE
8 Apr 2010 Cafe Central @ Weinheim DE
9 Apr 2010 Wild Style Tattoo Convention @ Wien AT
10 Apr 2010 Riez Indoor Festival @ DE
13 Apr 2010 Mondo Bizarre @ Rennes F
14 Apr 2010 Secret Place @ Montpellier FR
15 Apr 2010 Ritmo Y Compas @ Madrid ESP
16 Apr 2010 Hiru @ Arrasate ESP
17 Apr 2010 La Mirona @ Girona ESP
18 Apr 2010 Poste a Galene @ Marseille FR
21 Apr 2010 Zoe Club @ Milano I
22 Apr 2010 Sottotetto Club @ Bologna I
23 Apr 2010 Klub Gromka @ Ljubljana SL
24 Apr 2010 Gerberei @ Pinkafeld A
25 Apr 2010 Alibi @ Wroclaw PL
28 Apr 2010 Saal Entrepôt @ Arlon B
30 Apr 2010 Bogaloo @ Pfarrkirchen DE
1 May 2010 SnS Warm Up Vol. III @ Leisnig DE
7 May 2010 H.O.T./ Alte Bude @ Magdeburg DE Bad Boys For Life Tour
8 May 2010 T.B.A. @ Bochum DE Bad Boys For Life Tour
13 May 2010 Astra @ Berlin DE Bad Boys For Life Tour
14 May 2010 Viva Los Tioiz @ Lichtenfels DE Bad Boys For Life Tour
16 May 2010 Markthalle @ Hamburg DE Bad Boys For Life Tour
21 may 2010 Posthalle @ Wurzburg DE Bad Boys For Life Tour
With more dates to be announced soon


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