STEVE DIGGLE New single, ŒWorld Spinning Round¹ RELEASED VIA 3.30 RECORDS 18 MAY. And a one off gig at The 100 Club 18 May featuring Mick Talbot on keyboards. Legendary Buzzcockian tunesmith Steve Diggle is releasing a new single from his highly acclaimed new solo album, ŒAir Conditioning¹ featuring his band ŒThe Revolution Of Sound¹. Mick Talbot (Paul Weller, Style Council) will be joining Steve and the band for a one off show at The 100 Club on London¹s Oxford Street Wednesday 18 May 2011. Almost 35 years since Steve played at The 100 Club as part of the legendary punk rock festival of 1976 Steve returns to showcase new music from his brand new solo album, ŒAir Conditioning¹ released last November on Steve¹s own label, Œ3.30¹ Records. ŒWorld Spinning Round¹ is an up-to-the-minute words and moments of realisation as the world spins round, a classic riff backed by a psychomod dance groove.  Released in November 2010, ŒAir Conditioning¹ was called by Classic Rock as, ³Cogent and refreshing offering a fresh blast to the system where other old punks offer stale air.....², Mojo said: ³Diggle has a rousing, distinctive way with melody.....² and Q Magazine said: ³Diggle still crafts a cracking tune underpinned by a sense of punk righteousness.....² ŒIn The Air¹ was the first single to be released from the album and came out shortly before the student protests last December. The questioning lyrical themes of the single seemed to foreshadow the protests but it¹s also a powerful reminder that so much intuitive and lyrical insight is missing from much of today¹s Œpop¹ music. As Steve says, ³Most bands these days are Blue Peter presenters with guitars. There¹s too much McDonalds and not enough heroes, myths and legends in the music business!²   
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