This February, SPECIALS fans will have the chance to hear the band's classic third album as they've never heard it before.

Credited to the Special AKA, the album In The Studio was recorded by a new line-up of the Coventry legends put together by Jerry Dammers, and featured original members John Bradbury, Horace Panter, Lynval Golding and Roddy Radiation, plus Rhoda Dakar from the Bodysnatchers and new singer Stan Campbell.

Released for years on from the band's previous album More Specials, the album yielded the now globally renowned anthem 'Free Nelson Mandela'.

Arranged by singer, producer, composer and instrumentalist Harvey Brough, the album will be performed by the north London community choir Vox Holloway at St Luke's Church, Hillmarton Road, Holloway, London N7 9RE on Saturday 17 February.

"I was at school in Coventry with Jerry Dammers of The Specials," explains Brough. "Jerry is a true genius. His songs are amazing and very influential. We'll be performing their third album, which for me is their best. It’s called In The Studio and has a wealth of fine songs - including the famous 'Free Nelson Mandela', which contributed to the campaign for his release. The other songs that were important to Jerry in 1984 and still resonate today deal with issues like racism, social issues, mental instability. They are musically very sophisticated (with some humour in them) - singing these songs will be a powerful experience."

Tickets are on sale here.

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