Hampshire songwriter and film producer MARK VENNIS has just release the first single from his forthcoming mini-album with his band DIFFERENT PLACE.

'Wild Suburban Boy' is taken from Small Town Vampire, which follows belatedly on from their last full-length Fighting On All Fronts, which came out in 2020.

The band describe the song as being, "about how you think you know everything,
but really you know nothing at all. About trying to get out but you don’t know how. About growing up in the beige suburbs, where creativity goes to die. About longing for the big city that everyone talks, writes and sings about. About not listening to the hypocrisy and the lies everyone tells themselves. About the DIY ethos of punk rock and about opening your mind to everything… And about how rock'n'roll is gonna save you."

'Wild Suburban Boy' is available now on Spotify and all the usual digital platforms.

Vennis's songs can be heard on the soundtrack to the forthcoming rebel rock documentary, On Resistance Street, due out next year.

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