Long-serving NW London punks SNUFF herald their forthcoming album with a new lyric video.

'Charabanc' is taken from the new album Off On The Charabanc which is out on 22 March through Ten Past Twelve Records.

"Off On The Charabanc evokes a sense of nostalgic adventure," say the band. "It refers to taking a charabanc, an early form of motor vehicle popular in the first half of the 20th century, particularly in the UK. These vehicles were essentially large, open-topped buses often used for day trips and excursions. Perhaps it suggests a day out, often to the seaside or countryside for a change of scenery and leisure activities. It conjures images of families and friends packed onto the charabanc, filled with anticipation and excitement for the day's adventure, set in a past era, maybe the interwar period and the early years of post-war Britain. It carries a touch of sentimentality and nostalgia for a simpler time. Perhaps it details the journey from beginning to end?"

A new departure the for band, the album is split between their full-on electric-and-brass assault and their more reflective folk mode, examining themes around the process of ageing, such as dementia and mortality, as well as climate change and world politics.

"This album is a journey," says frontman Duncan Redmonds. "The first half is a party, a celebration of life's good times. But then, as the record progresses, the mood changes. It's about facing up to the inevitable, about looking death in the eye."


Off On The Charabanc is available to pre-order here.

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